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“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world, indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Occupy Menifee Meets from 11am to 1pm Saturdays
at the corner of Haun Rd. and Newport Rd.
The address is 29955 Haun Rd. Sun City, CA 92586.
See Google map (below).

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The Occupy Menifee Weekly

Propose: Bring attention to the economic emergency. Solutions; invest in jobs, fair share of taxes from the 1%, end corporate control of our democracy and too big to fail.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Meade

Post to the People of Menifee

Some of you have probably seen a group of people holding protest signs on Newport and Haun in front of the Circle K Gas Mart across from the Yellow Basket on Friday nights, and wondering who we are.

We are a group of dedicated local citizens standing up, alerting and educating the people of Menifee and surrounding communities about such issues as economic inequality, corporate control of our political system, erosion of our constitutional rights, the growing surveillance state, and never ending wars.

Please stop by and say hello, ask questions, hold a sign, or join our group. We are a friendly bunch. The only rule we have is to be respectful of other people's opinions. All ages are welcome. We meet at the corner of Newport and Haun every Friday night in front of the Circle K Gas mart from 5pm to 7pm. Hope to see you there!

Visit our Facebook page: Occupy Menifee CA.


Occupy Menifee will be meeting on Saturdays from 11am - 1pm on our corner at 29955 Haun Rd, Newport/Haun in front of Circle K. We will also be conducting a food and clothing drive benefiting the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard to help those not experiencing the American dream of life, love, freedom and peace. If this outreach strikes you as something you would like to participate in, please join us each Saturday. **If it rains we will be meeting at the Yellow Basket on the opposite corner.

We are also starting a reading group this week. We will be meeting at the Yellow Basket adjacent to our corner at Newport/Haun at 1:15pm after our weekly Occupy Menifee rally. The book we are reading is Howard Zinn's the People's History of the United States. Attached is a link to a pdf of the whole book. If you wish to follow us in the reading, we will read Chapters 1 and 2 this week. Otherwise, feel free to join us without reading the book as it will still be informative.

Occupy Menifee is a group of individuals from diverse political and economic backgrounds, who have set those minor differences aside and joined together to fight a common enemy. One made up of wealthy and well connected business executives, politicians, and bureaucrats that put corporate profit before basic human necessity, that trample our cherished constitutional rights for the sake of the surveillance state, and fund our elections, giving the illusion that democracy exists, when in fact it has been sold to the highest bidder. Here are some links to look at regarding a few of the reasons we still Occupy,
We hope you will consider joining us again!

Cee Peace

Protest At Temecula's Duck Pond Against U.S. Strike In Syria

March Against Monsanto!

March Against Monsanto at the Duck Pond in Temecula!

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The March Against Monsanto
Temecula, CA Protest Video 5-24-13

Occupy Menifee Photos!

We are the 99% Who Will No Longer Accept the Injustice of the 1%

Occupy Menifee is dedicated to a peaceful protest.
We condemn without reservation any acts of violence or destruction of property committed by a person or group of people acting as a part of the Occupy movement.
We ask that anyone who joins us remains calm and not join in any negative banter with our fellow citizens. Be respectful to police, please refrain from yelling at them; singing, chanting; be civil to pedestrians and shop owners; avoid rising tensions; try to sit when there is tension rather than confront physically; be noble and be nonviolent. Respect the environment, leave it cleaner than you found it.

In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Menifee begins. Guidelines:

  • We unequivocally embrace all people without exception.
  • Absolute respect.
  • We recognize and embrace the equality of our diversity as Mentifians.
  • We resist learned prejudices.
  • We share burdens by taking initiatives to fill roles and relieve comrades.
  • We encourage all voices.
  • We discuss ideas, NOT PEOPLE, and disagree without being disagreeable.
  • We avoid labeling and targeted profanity.
  • We maintain a positive expression of the “message” by not engaging unstable or volatile people.
  • We do not accept physical or verbal violence.
  • We avoid conflict through active listening and awareness of body language and emotional responses.
  • We seek to grow from our mistakes; conflicts within Occupy Menifee are opportunities to learn.
  • We are either all leaders or none of us are leaders.
  • Make friends! Make an effort to get to know people and HAVE FUN!

    In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street


    Occupy Menifee & Occupy Temecula are dedicated to a peaceful protest

    We come to you at a time when corporations and banks, which place profit over people and self-interest over humanity, run our government. Through campaign contributions and other forms of bribery, corporations have bought our politicians, directing them to exclusively serve their interests. The Federal Reserve Bank, which is an internationally-owned private bank, has become more powerful than Congress and the President of the United States. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was allowed control over this country’s money supply, and now orchestrates the deficit, the inflation rate, and the stock market in a planned destruction of the middle class. The owners of the world’s banks also profit from the continuous wars that effectively transfer wealth from the private economy into their coffers.

    This is the reason why banks, corporations and their super-rich owners and partners receive tax cuts, bailouts, and obscene bonuses while the rest of us get double digit unemployment, foreclosures, busted unions, sky high tuition, environmental disasters, endless war, and a crumbling economy.

    Worse, their ultimate goal is not just to get richer, it’s about power, and it’s about control. Occupiers are challenging the unelected, unaccountable corporate owners that currently own The United States of America.

  • We are trying to reinstate the rights and principles of the Republic of America that was based on The Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
  • We are calling for a government that honors civil rights and serves ALL Americans. If we fail to do this the 1% elite will continue to move closer to total, world-wide control, and we, our children, and our grandchildren will not have the rights or freedom to live the lives that we want.
  • We need to stop the insidious control the major banks and multinational corporations have had over the voting process.
  • Corporations are NOT people, and their money shouldn’t decide our leaders.
  • We want to dismantle corporations and institutions that cause serious financial and environmental damage to the world, this country and the people of America.

    Tax Reform

    Boeing doesn’t pay taxes but they received a $124 Million dollar REFUND. Exxon paid no taxes to the IRS and receive a $156 Million dollar REBATE. Citibank paid no taxes, and received an estimated $2.5 Trillion dollars in a BAILOUT!

    There is power in numbers. Join us and make your voice heard!

    Power to the People

    The Patriot Act

    The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…" Forty-five days after 9/11, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act without reading it. The Patriot Act contains numerous violations of the Fourth Amendment. The Patriot Act gives federal agents vast new powers that have been used to intimidate, investigate, and imprison Americans who have broken no law.

    National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

    One of the most unconstitutional measures to ever come out of the national legislature in its two-and-a-half centuries of existence, Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), permits the indefinite detention of American citizens merely accused of supporting terrorism. This is indefinite detention, without a trial, jury or judge… without habeas corpus, without even requiring that you be formally accused of any crime. It in fact allows federal agents to arrest, detain and/or deport American citizens without access to legal representation or due process of law. You could literally be picked up off the street, or at your home, and whisked off to an undisclosed location indefinitely.

    Main-stream media (MSM)

    The corporation-controlled media fails to report on these monumental changes to our rights and instead lies in the coverage they do report on. For instance, the main-stream media (MSM) characterized Occupiers as property-destroying criminals who were costing taxpayers’ money, when in fact it was the elite we oppose who cost taxpayers money by forcing police to engage and arrest us. In 1983 about 50 corporations dominated U.S. media. Now just six corporations control virtually all the television, newspapers and magazines in the United States: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. These "big six" work in conjunction with, or are outright owned by the international bankers.

    Voting Reform

    We want to see a return to physical ballots so that votes and results can be verified. There is strong evidence that electronic voting machine votes can be, and have been, miscounted and/or misreported.

    “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


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